Ending the Corporate Takeover of our Congress

Greetings to all!

Today is the day to get involved in Wolf-Pac, and to join your State’s Wolf Pack. Each State has it’s own Google+ group, and each member signs up for short periods of time (an hour or two), generally during the evening, and makes phone calls to the constituents (the voters) within the area of which ever State we are attacking on that particular evening. A script is provided, as are all the phone numbers. The purpose of the calls is to let the voters know what is going on, and to ask them if they are willing to contact their local representatives in order to demand their support the Resolution that is making its way through their Senate, House and Committees.

The Resolution itself is a statement that only People have the rights of “Personhood (you know, those things called Human Rights?), NOT Corporations; therefore Corporations can no longer use their influence to buy the votes of our Congressmen and Congresswomen in DC. Further, the Resolution demands State participation in an Article V Constitutional Convention, in which 34 States take away the power of Congress; the States then act as its own Congress, for the sole purpose of proposing a 28th Amendment to our Constitution. That Amendment will solidify our Human Right to elect our own leaders, without the overwhelming influence of Corporate elitist financing, or massive 1% “campaign contributions” (ie, bribes).

We are snipping the puppet’s strings, and returning the Power of our electoral and Voting process to the People.  With the Oligarchy defeated, we will have restored Democracy to its rightful place: into the hands of the People.

This is HUGE! We have more than 5 States on board as of this writing, and more than 20 others are in the process of getting their Resolutions passed. But we need YOU to help. This is YOUR Democracy. YOU have to do your part. Learn how, by clicking here:

Take a Bite Out of Corruption in Congress. Join the Wolf-Pack

Take a Bite Out of Corruption in Congress. Join the Wolf-Pack


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