Bloodless Battles of (R)Evolution

I think one reason Democrats didn’t win the election on Nov 4th is because, in most states, there are so many other choices available for liberal, or left-leaning parties (Green party, Liberty Union,Progressive, Independent, etc) listed the ballots. All those choices allowed voters to vote with their conscience, rather than trying to choose “the lesser of two evils.” It can be a difficult choice to make, really; Is it “throwing away your vote”? Giving your vote to “the dark side” by default? We are taught that we have a Representative Democracy, and that we should vote for those candidates that better reflected our values, but it is often not possible with the current, limited, two party system.  The imbalance of political parties on either side of Liberal and Conservative detracts from the general Left/Right dichotomy presented to the voters.

Take this mid-term election as an evidential example of the flawed balance: In my state there were five Left-leaning candidate choices, including Democrat.  But, for the Conservative choices on the Right, there was only one: Republican. There wasn’t even a Libertarian, or declared Tea Party Republican choice! Only Republican. Suffice it say, it was an incredibly close call for the top position of Governor (the incumbent Dem was finally called). It does make sense, though. Liberals expand, while Conservatives, well, conserve. 

I have already heard folks say, “well, whaddya expect if you don’t vote?”, as if the problem was simply one of apathy, with Democrats (how many Liberals choose to vote) being too lazy to make it to the polls. I don’t think that’s true. Consider the hurdles. The hurdles put into play by the Republican party did exactly as they were intended: to decrease the numbers of potential liberal voters the polls, and limiting their ability to vote. It started with SCOTUS claiming “racism doesn’t exist!”, and effectively removing the barriers on racist Voting laws.

The result? Republican legislator instantly began legislating new racist, anti-Democratic Voter ID/Voter Fraud laws, in a number of states.  Redistricting continued with a gleeful fervor, further bolstering a greater potential Conservative outcome from voting. Then came the push to limit early voting, and same-day registration– which they was, by and large, a complete success. Polling locations began to disappear from the working class and poor neighborhoods; but, golly-gee-whiz, not from the wealthier neighborhoods! This was an obvious, direct attack on the poor/working class, done specifically to force people of limited means, with limited access to transportation, from getting to the polls.

Throughout it all, the never-ending flow of millions and millions of dollars in anonymous, “dark money”, campaign contributions continued pouring into the bottomless Conservative coffers. These funds are the source for most of that deceptive advertising and deliberate dissemination of false, misleading information about polling stations and early voting that occurred in the low income, working class neighborhoods. All the while as well, Main Stream Media (MSM) gave the most minimal of mentions of these injustices, and chose instead to continue repetitively re-puke whatever mind-numbing, Kardashian-esque, bullshit of the day that fell off the news wire.

I don’t know what other Conservative choices may have been on the ballots of other states, but I have a sneaking suspicion that those, too, rarely had more than one. Of course, with all the purposefully misleading, limitations and impediments, predominantly for potential liberal voters, can it really be said that Liberals are apathetic about voting? Taking the hurdles, and combining them with the multiple liberal candidate choices on the ballot, was there any other outcome possible? The results were, needless to say, disastrous at best, and I dread to consider the kind of legislation that is to come.  I’ll bet dollars-to-donuts that if the final tallies of all the liberal groups in each state had been added to the Democratic tally (and to be fair, all conservative parties added to the Reps), the Dems would have kept the Senate and taken the House, in DC.

All these blocks were made possible because of the flow of money. Lots and lots of money…particularly money that flows from the Corporate Establishment that stood to gain the most in this election. And now, any legislation that can help support the lives and well being of people that is in conflict with the potential for even more Corporate profits, will be rejected. Legislation that does pass will undoubtedly include measures to decrease any protective regulations that stand in the way of increased profits. Laws that protect people, particularly women, children and people of color, will be weakened, or removed.

Maybe you haven’t heard this yet, but we have evidence now that the US government is no longer a Democracy; that it is, in fact, an Oligarchy. An Oligarchy is a government is controlled by a small, selfish, and corrupt faction or group; in this case, by Corporations and the 1% Wealthiest Elite. Looking at the financial backing that promoted this conservative takeover, it is easy to see that the Kings and Queens of this Oligarchical system were at the helm, removing the unwanted Pawns from board and replacing them with new, well trained and agreeable Lords and Dukes who will perform in accordance with their wishes.

Our Representative Democracy is gone…replaced by an Oligarchy of climate change denying religious fundamentalists, hellbent on enforcing their own brand of so-call “christian” sharia law. And we have become Serfs, in what was once the Land of the Free.

What’s left that we can do? Petitions are dumped into circular files and ignored. Protesting in the streets has become nothing more than a series of practice sessions for a militarized police state to silence Free Speech and dissent,. And the corruption in Congress is complete, save for less than a handful of hangers-on, like Bernie Sanders (but he accepts money from Unions, which is the same thing, really). And while the anger and rage over the injustice of it all continues to build in millions upon millions of US citizens, most simply click the remote to find their favorite “Housewives Of Who-Cares-Where,” and tell themselves that as long as they behave, they have nothing to worry about…  the S.W.A.T. team will never show up in the middle of the night for a no-knock raid, because they won’t risk even to whisper revolution.

However, now is exactly the time, and none need whisper that word that could unleash the entire alphabet soup of law enforcement upon us, from NSA to local PD. It is time to


We can have a bloodless, non-violent (R)Evolution, instead. This option comes complete, with all the directions spelled out, and it is actually IN our Constitution (our forefathers knew that Congress could be, and probably would be, corrupted), and it’s been used numerous times, for over 200 years.

We do it by joining together, in each state, and each state together, and then bypass Congress altogether, for the sole purpose of creating a 28th Amendment of the US Constitution…and with it, clarify that ONLY Human Beings have Human Rights— not corporations. No “Personhood” = no Rights to use money as speech. Sha-Zam! we overturn Citizens’ United, and bring back a true Representative Democracy. Average people can once again run for elected office, and be chosen based on the quality of character, and voted in by majority, rather than by checkbook.

Two states (VT and CA) have already passed the necessary legislation, and 22 other states also now have Resolutions that are going through the process of being passed. There are large numbers of volunteers in each state, many of whom who show up at their State Capitols when the Resolutions are being discussed or voted on, and they are demanding that their State reps vote Yes on this legislation.  But we need more of YOU to participate, on all levels, to see these Resolutions through to become reality. It’s amazing what can happen when your Senators and House Reps can actually SEE you when it comes time to vote, when they’ve HEARD directly from you, telling them why you want this. In the videos of the VT and CA hearings, a number of politicians actually talk about how they would have voted against it, if it weren’t for the obvious proof that this is what the constituency wants– and then they vote for it! Real Democracy in action is a beautiful thing to behold.

The organization shown below (and that I link to in many articles) is responsible for making it happen. Others are trying, using variations of what this organization is doing, but only this one is making real headway– enough that the Koch bros are starting to worry! I urge you to join, and to be actively involved. Surely, you have time to call a friend, or a neighbor, to tell them about this. Or, you could write a letter to the editor, or blog about it, or post it or tweet it? Maybe you could print some fliers and post them around your neighborhood while you’re walking your dog? There’s plenty of ways to do you part that will not infringe upon your life. If nothing else, you can help support it, by making a small, monthly (or a one time only) donation.

No matter what you choose, you can (and should) be a part of this (R)Evolution, before the anger swells so big in this country that a peaceful path doesn’t seem possible.


Human Rights are for Humans, Not for Corporations, silly

Human Rights are for Humans, Not for Corporations, silly

They’re not coming for us… We are coming for them. We are an army of volunteers, working to overturn Citizens’ United in order to ensure that only Human Beings have Human Rights, and to bring back a Representative Democracy: a Government that truly is Of, By and For the People.


For those who may be interested, the above story began as a hastily made comment on a post I read on Facebook. As I was irritated by the opinion of the original post I did not read what I wrote until after I hit “enter”. I decided it was worthy of becoming a post of my own, rather than a comment buried in a sea of other comments in a post of some other person. Perhaps I should have left it at that….? That’s for you to decide. Below is the original comment:

On the VT voter ballot we have all kinds of liberal and/or progressive choices, but only one conservative choice –Republican. I know plenty of other states do as well. So, when I hear that every single state with an initiative to increase the minimum wage won (in most cases, by a landslide), or that most ballot measures to minimize marijuana criminalization laws and/or other related laws also won in most states, and a whole host of other, more “liberal” agenda items won, I have to question: if all those more liberal parties were added to the Dems, who would have won the Senate, and how many of those nightmare, Koch-sucking RWNJ Govenors, Lt Govs, etc, really would have won?

IMHO, it is disillusionment with their party, esp in knowing that the Dem party is just as corrupted by corporate cash as the Rep party, that led to many liberal thinking Dems to choose from other liberal leaning party candidates that meshed more accurately with their own beliefs — and in so doing, split up the percentages that otherwise would have benefited the Dems.

Our two-party system is seriously flawed, and in desperate need of a revamp.

Your  considerate and constructive thoughts and opinions are welcome, and appreciated.



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