People, Places & Things

under construction! come back soon!


Very simply, this will be a launch page, dedicated to sharing  information and links to fantastic people, news sources, websites, beneficial products etc.  These are the things I personally value, and want to share with you.  In particular, I really appreciate small businesses, especially those that have a foundation in caring for the earth, the wellness of its customers, and its employees!  As I’m still very new to web page and blog designing, I thought it best if I just give these people a dedicated page as a way of saying Thank You! for all you do.

Having run my own small businesses in the past, I know the kind of hard work it takes to keep it running smoothly, and at a enough of a profit to support your families, as well as your employees.  If I’m going to spend my precious few dollars somewhere, I want to them to be spent wisely and consciously.

Some links will lead to news and information sources that report with researched accuracy that you can trust. Other links will introduce you to someone who is doing something great, perhaps contributing something powerful or wonderful to the world, and deserves our attention.

So come back soon, and come back often. You never know when something you need will suddenly appear!




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