Is Health Care a Human Right?

Single-Payer, Universal, Medicaid for All. Whatever the name, the concept is the same: medical care is provided to each and every person within the covered area (ie, state or country). Of the the Western industrial countries, only the US has a for-profit, private insurance industry, that bilks millions from its citizens, and causing countless deaths each year by refusing coverage to patients for any of a variety of reasons (it’s a previous condition, or not covered by this or that plan, etc).  In other countries you would be hard pressed to find a person who would choose the US system of medical care over their own, even though their socialized system is supported by higher taxes. Every working citizen pays into the system. Every citizen, regardless of income, receives the same medical care and coverage.

How should we pay for a Universal HC system? The amounts being paid by employers and employees, plus out of pocket costs (in the 100’s of millions) currently being paid would likely cover any Universal Plan, but to maintain it would take some kind of tax. So, if you’re an employee, or employer, paying for a HC plan, consider that cost being translated into a tax that provides you with full health care coverage, for you, your family, AND everyone else. Out-of-Pocket costs would be negligible, as they are in other countries with socialized health care systems. An one-week hospitalization could come to a few hundred dollars, at most. Co-pays, if any, would be a few dollars, and only paid by those in the highest income bracket. And those with very little earned income would still be required to pay something towards their health care –instead of paying the much higher price of emergency care when your unchecked health problem reaches life-threatening condition.


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