So, ya, I’m power-posting Bernie messages today. If you’re undecided, I hope you’ll check out a few of them.

I know a lot of my FB connections might be sick and tired of my posts (maybe even tuned me out from their feeds), but this is something I am deeply passionate about, and those that know me know I can be kind of a force of nature when I truly believe something is right. So love me, or block me…but if you love me, please know that I will continue posting and sharing, and pass along some of these messages to others. I‪#‎FeelTheBern‬ and I can’t hide it.

I felt passionate about Obama, too, in the ’08 election, but quickly became disillusioned by him, when one of the first things he did once in office was to send more troops to Afghanistan, and later signed the NDAA allowing US citizens to be held, without representation, even on US soil. I even considered giving up voting when I became truly conscious of just how corrupt our Congress is, and how little our vote actually affects policy.

Instead, I decided to get active, to do what I could to make a difference. It’s when I went to DC with Oriah, and lived in an Occupy encampment in the middle of winter. After all, it is my children –all our children– who will end up having to live with the mess that WE created, with our apathetic lack of involvement in our own government … you know, the gov’t that is supposed to be Of the People, By the People, For the People? And by doing this I was showing the next generation what it takes to make positive change in our country: WE take control of it.

I’ve met Bernie. I’ve shook his hand, asked questions, and gotten real answers. I’ve had reason to call his VT office, as a constituent, to ask for help for a friend, and for myself, and his dedicated staff “got ‘er done” in record time for both of us. I’ve seen him in action as a representative of the people of VT since he was the Mayor of Burlington –I didn’t live in Burlington at that time, so I couldn’t vote for him then, but i would have. I have, however, voted for him ever since.

Unlike Obama, I know he actually does what he says he’s gonna do. He has an integrity that is unmatched and unparalleled by any other candidate. He’s tried, tested and true, where Obama was not. Where Hillary definitely is not. While they accept money from the very monster we are rebelling against, Bernie has not, and will not. And when he says he’s going to fight for something, he does, with every ounce of his being. And unlike Trump, he represents all of us, without the hate rhetoric, demeaning misogyny, and racist speech.

Bernie won’t build walls. He’ll build bridges and roads.

Bernie won’t allow Big Pharma and Insurers to take more and more, raising prices to the highest anywhere in the world, while we get sicker and sicker, for lack of ability to pay for healthcare.

Bernie won’t decrease taxes on the rich, while the working classes take home less and less in order to support tax cuts for the 1%. He’ll take off the caps on the wealthiest Americans –those that can afford it and will still remain filthy stinkin’ rich (seriously, do you think that if Waltons of Walmart paid -say a Billion- in taxes they’d be unable to buy a small nation, a few yachts & a jet or two, plus 100 spare Mazeratis -in case one broke down?? Would they really have to raise prices or decrease wages to put gourmet food put on their tables every night?)

Bernie won’t enact any policy that sends the the bulk of profits of your labor UP to the top few hundred wealthiest American, while your standard of living continues to go DOWN.

Bernie won’t allow the gov’t to take YOUR social security earnings to pay for more war. He’ll increase your benefits, and secure that future payments are there, by demanding the wealthiest to pay into the system at the same rate –no more caps.

Bernie won’t allow massively wealthy corporations to claim they’re American businesses when they avoid paying their fair share of taxes by hiding it in other countries, and sending our jobs to countries without workers’ rights -Human Rights!- and disasterous environmental policies. Instead, he’ll demand that US corporations behave like the rest of us: pay their fair share, uphold Human Rights/Workers’ Rights, and set real goals to mitigate the damage to our environment (so our children have air to breathe in the future, water to drink, etc. ya know? like actually have a future to live?)

Bernie won’t give billions to “bail out banks” (ie, paying themselves multi-million dollar bonuses with your tax dollars) while our youth are going bankrupt with student loans, and families lose their homes. Bernie will see that the real Big Bank criminals are prosecuted with more than a slap on the wrist, and break up those “too big to fail” Oligarchs. Banks should serve the financial interests of their communities, not their fat-cat corporate CEOs.

Bernie won’t become one of the corporate puppets, getting rich off campaign contributions, slick “gifting” by corporations in exchange for doing what they want. Instead he’ll fight for publicly funded campaigns and funding limits, returning the power of our vote to us in full measure.

Bernie wants an educated, healthy, industrious nation of involved citizens; an economically sound and secure country in which all its citizens have access to healthcare, education, a healthy environment and a livable wage.

So do I.

But he can’t and won’t do all this on his own: WE will do it, by making sure we put him in office, and like-minded representatives in the House and Senate. Other countries are already doing all of this, and have a citizenry that values its democratic system (hell, they VOTE to raise their own taxes so their society will benefit!)

We can do all this, and so much more. Because we’re Americans and that’s just how we roll, when we put our minds to it.

When I couldn’t afford to donate to his campaign, I had a tag sale and donated 50% of the net proceeds to his campaign. I still can’t afford to spend money outside of my own family’s immediate needs, so when I really, really needed a seasonally appropriate jacket, I bought a Bernie zip sweatshirt…that way my investment in a much needed jacket also supported his campaign. I’m still broke, but I have a phone, and I have a laptop. These are the tools available to me that make it possible to stay involved in doing what I believe is the right thing to do, for the future of this country, and for the future of my children.

That’s how much I #FeelTheBern

Take time to really understand what WE are doing in OUR political revolution.



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