How A Welfare Queen Saves Money: DIY Recipes

How A Welfare Queen Saves Money: DIY Recipes

DIY Recipes Listed After my Rant...

If you have been reading my blog, then you know I am one of “those” people. You know, the one that the GOP and Faux News (aka, Fox News) like to lay the blame on for everything that is wrong in this country, who is described as a lazy, good-for-nothing-user, living a decadent life of luxury off the lap of government hand-outs– that are funded with your hard earned tax dollars. This us the kind of person who likely smokes pot all day, uses, or sells drugs (probably both). To make it worse, the drugs are bought with foodstamps! …All so that her kids can wear made-by-child-labor, X brand name sneakers; she is a lowly, reprehensible person who can’t even be bothered to try working for a living. Yes, it is the dreaded welfare queen. If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am the kind of person that is often judged in this way, but that it is simply not the Truth!

When I decided to start a blog, I knew that I would be writing about my Activist work as well as offering insight to life as a single parent, and life as a person with disabilities. I also knew that if I wanted my insight to have any credibility, I would have admit that I’ve gained these perspectives because I receive a number of public supports that are funded by taxes, such as foodstamps and section 8 rental assistance. I hate admitting it because it is cannon fodder–I am immediately judged to be one of the aforementioned “welfare queens”, or subjected to the debasing, simpering look of pity–I have to fight the urge to give a disgusted roll my eyes and sneer at the latter, and grit my teeth against the urge to kick the prior. Life happens. Plain and simple. I would much rather the judgemental attitudes and looks of pity were saved for someone who deserves such a lack of respect, and be dealt with in the present, on equal footing, as a human being. I will point out the challenges faced from my part of the world, not for pity or loathing, but for understanding, by clarifying things with the Truth. If you can’t respect that, please don’t bother reading any further.

Part of the purpose for revealing this truth is so that I might shine a light on the reality of what it’s like to live on government “hand-outs”–(from now on, I think I’ll call them “subsidies”.  After all, if corporations aren’t viewed as “welfare queens” even though they receive much more enormous sums of financial “hand-outs” of your tax dollars, and they don’t seem to get the kind of flack that a person living in poverty gets), and how to make better use of it, or how to make it stretch further. Regardless of whether you receive gov’t subsidies (see? sounds better, doesn’t it?) or spend your days at the golf course and yacht club, saving money, avoiding waste, and decreasing our carbon footprint with earth-friendly ingredients is always a plus.

So, setting aside my POV ranting for a while, let me introduce you to one of the first DIY things I discovered.

For those that don’t know what “DIY” is, it stands for DIt Yourself. The first DIY I discovered was Laundry Detergent. I tried it in the powdered version first, and it worked fantastically, but as I prefer using a liquid I decided to see if that was an option. It was! And, the really great thing about this recipe is that it is so versatile; I’ve been able to mix up batches in different ways to get different consistencies, changing the particular soaps to fit specific purposes (ie, for baby clothes vs mechanic’s clothes, allergy-sensitive vs non-allergy, etc) and adding my own fragrances by adding Essential Oils, or not bothering with them at all. And, best of all, you can use this stuff in any temperature–even you only use cold water–and in any kind of machine: HE, front loader or top loader, at the laundry mat, or even if washing by hand (but do wear gloves, as the ingredients are higher pH than your skin and can cause irritation).

When I first started using it, I was often without enough money to afford the laundry mat, let alone have a car (still don’t)to get there, so I was washing clothes in my bathtub, getting in barefoot and swishing with my feet and walking around in the tub. Any item that had been particularly grungy got picked up and scrubbed gently by hand. It took a long time, and, because of my particular brand of disability, I would often run low on stamina, or the pain would become too much, and I’d leave them to finish up “later”. When it was “later”, I’d finish the swishing, then commence to rinsing.

When I was still using regular, store-bought detergent, I had to rinse several times as residue from the detergent in my clothes made me feel itchy. Now, rinsing was also particularly difficult task, because I had to be sure to squeeze as much excess water out of each and every item. Without the aid of an ol’ fashioned wringer, that meant using my hands. Years ago I worked in a certain field that required constant use of my hands, applying varying amounts of pressure. Years later, now add nerve damage, carpal tunnel and arthritis. Needless to say, I couldn’t get as much water out, so I went through several tubfuls of water in the process (not very conservative or earth friendly). If I managed to finish in one session I was lucky, but more often than not, I’d have to rest my hands…and a day would pass. My daughter would need to take a shower. I needed a shower. The clothes would be piled high against the far end of the tub so we’d avoid getting more water on them (fairly useless endeavor). Finally, I’d go in to finish the job, and of course, they’d need another rinse and squeeze. More time passing.

Since the neighbors apparently don’t like seeing clothes dry naturally, in any weather, that meant hanging them inside my small apartment. Fine, but because they were still very wet heavy after my poor imitation of a spin cycle, they were still dripping wet by the time I got around to hanging them to dry, so they had to go on the rack, inside the tub, until they had dripped off enough for the rack to be taken to a warmer and dryer part of the apartment.

Do you know the smell of clothes that have been heaped together while damp, and left for a day?

After 2 yrs of saving, I was finally able to buy a wonderful new, apt-sized washing machine: cleans like no other I've owned or used, and the spin cycle is amazing--clothes feel barely damp. I LOVE this machine! I call her Molly.

After 2 yrs of saving, I was finally able to buy a wonderful new, apt-sized washing machine: cleans like no other I’ve owned or used, and the spin cycle is amazing–clothes feel barely damp. I LOVE this machine! I call her Molly.

Yeah, that smell. Needless to say,when that occurred, it meant a whole new washing. While my DIY Laundry soap didn’t save me from the potential of mildew stained clothes, it did save me money on detergent, while allowing me to decrease my planetary footprint by one tiny step.  It also launched me into learning every money-saving DIY recipe and fix-it/replacement I could, and I’m still learning. Now I can’t share these recipes with you.

Bookmark this page, and keep coming back, because I’ll be adding new stuff frequently!  Just click the active link below for a new DIY recipe:

DIY Recipes

Liquid Laundry Soap

Powdered Laundry Soap

Liquid Hand Soap

Sensuous Body Butters

Luxury Lotions

Simple DIY E.O (Essential Oils) for product fragrances

If you have a great project or DIY recipe, I would love to learn about it, and about any money-saving and earth-friendly DIY projects or recipes that you have, or improvements to any that I post. Please let me know if I can share them, once I’ve tried them out myself!     ****But, please note: questions asked, that are discussed within the article or recipe, may only receive a short, to-the-point response informing you that what you seek has already been answered, for example, “question answered in the article/recipe. Please read it again.”  Thank you for understanding that taking time to repeat the same information many times, to many individuals, can take up precious time spent doing other things I love to do.


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