Rural White Folks Need to Speak Out against Racism in our Communities

Thank you for such a beautifully written and elegant commentary. I have been struggling to find ways to more fully understand my own white privilege and I continue to seek ways to break its hold, to become more humble, open, accepting, aware, and conscientious of what it means to be a racist. My cultural DNA dictates that I am, in fact, a racist, but how it gets expressed in my life is up to me. I, too, live in a more rural state (VT), bI’ve also been told that disagreeing that something is a racist microaggression is another curse of white privilege. but what is happening here is, in some ways perhaps, more insidious. My town is all about “Tolerance” (gadz, I hate that word). Employers have their workshop on tolerance, our schools have 0 tolerance rules, etc., and yet the undercurrent is dragging everyone out into the deepest of depths and drowning us all in racism. It’s microaggressive racism. Anyway, all I know for sure is that a)White people cannot lead this movement, we must follow and learn and b)White people must talk and talk and talk about it, no just with other white people, but with people of color.


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